I love speaking with groups and engaging with people who are interested in self-development.  My primary gifts are speaking about the challenges of the spiritual path, trusting what we sense and feel, and finding ways to laugh at ourselves in the process.  I have led retreats, participated as a co-leader in retreats, and been a guest on local podcasts focused on holistic healing and meditation.  Below are the types of messages which can be crafted to fit your group's needs.  

Spirituality more than religion

Its More than ReligioN

I take audiences through a journey which connects Eastern mystical traditions with Western religious approaches.  This talk has the goal of demonstrating the unity between these traditions, and showing that we are all spiritual beings no matter what culture we identify as our own.  The belief in separation is a great disease with unknown origins, but can be remedied by those who have, like myself, been fortunate to have a gateway into more than one tradition.   

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Soul Dynamics 101: Soul Connection

I share the energetic model of the incarnated soul, drawing on my training as a Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  I discuss how it forms, how it expresses through the body, and how it responds to the Earth-based experience.  We conclude with a meditation which will allow the audience to feel this connection between the higher soul and the incarnated soul and strengthen those bonds.


Breaking the Box of Rational Thought

As an attorney who works with mystical energies on a daily basis, I share the fruits of grappling with rational doubt.  I share my story of hitting the breaking point in my practices where my experiences could no longer be explained by rational thought.  I take audiences through a part lecture, part experiential discussion where they consider their own life experiences, and whether they could be a part of the spiritual path. 


Spiritual Comedy: THE PREPPY SHAMAN

The Preppy Shaman fits with any group that knows about channeling, chakras, manifestation, and personal energetics.  Often Kryoff will be channeled.  Kryoff is wildly factually inaccurate and delivers pearls of wisdom which may not be so wise.  He enjoys playful banter with his audience, including with fellow presenters, and with lightworkers everywhere. 

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Messages from the Master

Messages from the Master come while I enter into an intense meditation.  Master does not reference any incarnated soul - but rather a collection of energies which share messages of loving kindness.  While channeling is an ongoing learning process, my understanding is that these messages are related to the energies of Melchizidek.  

Interested in having Adam speak at your next event?

For those interested in formal credentials, I am an Arhatic Yogi, which involves Shengong meditations and internal alchemy,  and have obtained my traditional Medical Qi Gung Practitioner's degree (MQP) from the International Institute of Medical Qi Gung.  I also produced the Global Light Report for 2016-2017.  I am a practicing attorney in Tennessee, and a graduate of Vanderbilt University Law School (JD). 

Preparing for a presentation involves two preparation sessions with the group's leadership, where we will discuss content design,  topic parameters, audience psycho-graphics, and venue.  My fee is $1,500 plus travel, food (vegetarian) and lodging for a single event.