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Hi, I'm Adam.

Let's grow together.



A spiritual author, speaker, channeler, and spiritual comedian with a background in healing, meditation, and spiritual studies. My writing describes the divine connection as resonant feelings (gut feelings, quiet thoughts, guiding emotions), that can be developed through internal transformative techniques.  I love to laugh, and I've been known to share comedy on my spiritual trips with groups that know how to be serious about development, but not take themselves too seriously.  

I'm also the host of Soul Story, a podcast featuring conversations about the spirit-led life.  I share my own growth stories, and invite my friends, guides, teachers, and passionate people to do the same.  It's an interesting mix.  

I'm based in Nashville, Tennessee, where I practice as an attorney.  This makes my soul connection studies all the more important.

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I write about spirituality.  My first book is called Honoring Laude Lekpo - it's the Tibetan name given to my younger brother by His Holiness of Bon.  This story describes my connections with my departed brother in the spirit field, and follows remarkable events both during and after his life.  My father and I followed my brother's path to India and Tibet - where we sought to understand his life - and find his sacred Tibetan meditation cave. 

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              PODCAST HOST, 

Soul Story is the podcast where I share my growth journey, and I invite teachers, friends, passionate people, and mystics along the way to share their stories as well.  We have conversations about the spirit-led life, and focus on how we all feel connected through our pursuits, callings, and joys - no matter how those things are labeled.  Check out an episode.  


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I have felt profoundly connected to spirit in meditation since I was a child.  Over the years, I have studied several inner pathways to strengthen that connection and grow my intuition and energy body.  I explore soul-connection studies, metaphysics, and channeling - while bringing my legal training as an attorney to bear on those experiences.  I have also traveled to holy places and found much meaning within those trips.  I love what I do - it's rarely dull - yet riddled with challenges.